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World's First and Only Inflatable

Exhaust Port Seal

The Only Inflatable Thru-Hull Seal on the Market...
patent pending

Yacht Preserver is the first, patent pending, variable size, inflatable exhaust port seal, designed to prevent water from entering your vessel into the exhaust thru-hull when removing exhaust risers for routine maintenance or an emergency version that can be self-deployed in the event of catastrophic exhaust breach/inflow of water at the thru-hull. Let's face it. Your exhaust thru-hulls are the largest holes in your yacht below the water line that do not have any stop-flow mechanism to prevent your vessel from taking on water and potentially sinking.         

Most cruising and fishing yachts have dual exhaust ports that average 8” to 16”diameter in size. Take a vessel with an 8” diameter exhaust hole at 20psi ( sea pressure at approx 18” below water line) will allow upwards of 115,000 gallons per hour to travel thru. Double those numbers for dual engines, and exponentially for every 1” increase in diameter of Thru-hull size. These are not small numbers. For reference, an average 20’ x 40’ x 5’ deep swimming pool, only contains 30,000 gallons of water.

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Yacht Preserver, once installed and inflated, will prevent this inflow of water into your vessel. You wouldn’t leave the dock without a life jacket, why would you leave without Yacht Preserver?

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