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The Perfect Emergency Kit for Your Boat - patent pending

 Exhaust holes on your vessel are typically located at or below the waterline in order to dissipate the sound when expelling exhaust from your engines.    Your marine engines are also located below the waterline. The exhaust riser extends above the engine, then turns downward and aft through several connection points, eventually connecting to the thru-hull ( hole) on the aft transom of your vessel. The riser is typically not one single piece of pipe, it is several and just like the exhaust pipes on your vehicle, they rust and wear through over time.    Should this failure occur while you’re at the dock, on the water or at sea, the results could be disastrous without Yacht Preserver.   

Yacht Preserver’s self-deployed Emergency Kit has been manufactured and designed by a boat captain with over 20 years experience. Our Emergency Kit comes complete with a single use, self-deploying inflatable seal with CO2 cartridge & deploying lanyard, 24”-48” extendable placement handle and self-contained carrying case. Remove the handle and pouch from the carrying case, attach the placement handle to the pouch, extend to full length, place Yacht Preserver into the desired thru-hull exhaust port and pull the lanyard – it’s that simple. It will inflate and seal the hole in a matter of seconds. (Similar to a self-inflating life raft).     

You wouldn’t leave the dock without a life jacket, don’t leave without Yacht Preserver!

Your Complete Emergency Yacht Preserver

Each Emergency Yacht Preserver comes complete with its own carrying case, self-inflating Yacht Preserver with charged CO2 & deploying lanyard, extendable placement handle. Verify the size of your exhaust holes, match up to the proper size on the charts and order yours today.

Yacht Preserver comes in many sizes to cover thru-hulls ranging from 2”-18” diameter. If your exhaust port exceeds 18” diameter, please call for special sizing requirements.

Just tell us your thru-hull size, and we will handle the rest. Yacht Preserver will accommodate round, oval and multi-port thru-hulls.

*Recharge & Repack (Recommended Every Four (4) Years from Date of Purchase)
Yacht Preserver comes complete with a single use fully charged CO2 cartridge, delivery handle & storage case. Once Yacht Preserver has been deployed or the expiration has been reached, simply return Yacht Preserver to us to be inspected and to have the CO2 recharged and completely repacked - see pricing per size.

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