We at Yacht Preserver are anticipating first quarter 2018 for product shipment.
Please email us at with your contact information along with the diameter of your exhaust size and we will contact you very shortly. Please also feel free to call 850.502.5770.

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The Perfect Inflatable Exhaust Port Seal for Your Boat

All vessels, regardless of size, require maintenance. Engine exhaust risers are no exception. They require routine inspection, maintenance and refinishing.  As you are probably aware, they must be removed to be refinished or replaced, and to make matters worse, they are typically hard to access near the thru-hull as well.

Yacht Preserver

Yacht Preserver is installed into the exterior of the exhaust thru-hull, inflated with the manual air pump until it is tight and can’t be removed by hand. Once Yacht Preserver is securely inflated into the exhaust port and can't be removed by hand, you can safely remove your exhaust risers without the threat of your vessel flooding. (Refer to Instruction Manual prior to removing exhaust risers)

We’ve seen mechanics install beach balls, volleyballs, basketballs and even towels into the ports to try to prevent water from entering the thru-hull, only to find the ball floating around in the marina the next day and the boat underwater.  Don’t substitute inferior products into your vessel, install Yacht Preserver and take the worry out of your project.

Mechanical Kit Yacht Preserver

Yacht Preserver's Mechanical Version can be purchased individually, in pairs or a complete set consisting of one pair of all four (4) size bladders capable of fitting hole diameters from 2" to 18" in diameter. Each complete Mechanical Kit will be able to seal off single or pairs of exhaust ports ranging from 2" diameter to 18" diameter, safely and effectively.

Marinas, boatyards, marine mechanics and boat captains will love Yacht Preserver. It will save countless wasted hours and money.

Each complete Mechanical Kit will include one pair of reusable inflatable seals in the following sizes: 2"-4", 4.1" - 6", 6.1" - 8", 8.1" - 10", 10.1" - 12", 12.1" - 14", 14.1" - 16", 16.1" - 18". If Larger than 18" diameter, please call or email.

Don't forget the optional carrying case.